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Optimalization To The Role Of Society To Prevent HIV AIDS

As we already knew the distribution of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia has been increasing sharply by the end of March 2010 from which in line with the recommendation statistically from Directorate General and PL of Healthy Department Of The Republic Of Indonesia. More than 20.000 cases of those were from the age between 15 to 39 years of old which placed in the first rank of those people who lived with HIV/AIDS. Of the 20 to 29 years old were taken from those 10.000 cases. Those numbers of those people with such worst HIV/AIDS possibly affected might be much more than we thought from which those viruses could not be easily detected

There are lots of behavior factors as the main cause of HIV/AIDS distribution all across Indonesia such as free sex living style and the usage of those injunction drugs. Of the 90 percentage of those HIV/AIDS epidemic virus distribution have been caused by those two behaviors. The negative effects of Information and modern technology cannot be avoid by the young people of which they could have been made accessible to any adult negative materials which have been associated with free life style.

The wrong perception of those dating teenager these days which assume they were not actually in love unless they were making love or make instant sex just like husband and wife relationships. Those were not far from the true value of love, which should be respected. Those two lovers to get justification to allow them to make love irresponsibility have negatively defined the value of true love. One of the most dangerous effects of the Internet which have been accessible for the young people to get any negative adult materials such as obscene contents

3 Ways To Combat HIV/AIDS epidemic
The problems of HIV/AIDS epidemic distribution in Indonesia has also became the world’s issue that need to be overcome by all people in the universe. The problem has also became one of the most expensive things that need to be solved together. All people, NGOs , private and governmental organization in Indonesia to find out good solution to this problem consistently. There are three ways of combating those HIV/AIDS by which need to be combined to produce good result.

First. A human can use brains
This is very basic principle that a human has. This factor can make a big differentiate between a human and an animal. The main different between the human and the animal is the ability to think over and over again. The animal can make something very nature by killing their enemies and develop with their natural instinct including to get reproduction in every way.
A Human need to use their brain if doing something in terms of sexual reproduction among human. If a man falls in love with a woman, and they had to be bounded with very official and respective ways of producing babies. To fulfill the idea of sexual habits and needs , a human need to use their brain every time, and this idea should be united in a marriage, a formal and real marriage. A human need to believe GOD. A human can think better with the help of GOD to find out their better life, steady , and prosperity for their live for future generation

Second. Community Social Control
We know that people who live with HIV/AIDS virus got negative treatment from their community for years. This could be understood due to the community do not have a good understanding and knowledge on how to treat HIV/AIDS victims. We can not blame the community due to these negative perceptions. It was our responsibility to take care of their understanding to comprehend the victims of HIV/AIDS victims by which they were the same as us, a human being.

We had to give explanation to the community around us that the victims of HIV/AIDS were also a human which need socialization and staying together with other community. We should not ignore them and did not pay attention to those victims of HIV/AIDS among us. The community should not give negative stories regarding to the victims of HIV/AIDS in every where.
We need good knowledge and information about HIV/AIDS virus to be delivered to the community we were living in. This information is very important for the community to understand on how to treat the victims of HIV/AIDS to avoid wrong behaviors and action in terms of treating the victims of HIV/AIDS epidemic. From this basic understanding can we hope that the people will not able to do anything wrong again to treat the people who lives with HIV/AIDS epidemic all across Indonesia

Third, Governmental Instruction Establishment
The community in Indonesia can running well without any risk of conflict among each provinces all across the country with a help and assistance from the government of the Republic Of Indonesia by creating any rules to control the behavior in the community. At this stage, the government of the Republic of Indonesia could give rewards or punishment to the violence actors or to give any sentences in jail for those who breaking the rule. All criminal actions that have been committed by the young and people now can be punished by the government of Indonesia.

This rule, we all hope, can make a different and a pressure to reduce criminal’s actors and give the punishment to them for breaking the rules that have been provided for them. The problem arouse when the rules and decisions that have been made by the Indonesian government can not reduce the criminal actors in Indonesia. If they do so, we need to rebuild and revise those systems of law to ensure that all people in Indonesia will follow and obey the rule.

In determining the policy of combating those HIV / AIDS with those law enforcement, the government of Indonesia must take those people living with HIV, community healthy experts and representatives of those community to sit down together in formulating its policy. The result of this discussion should produce integral solution in accordance with common interests without ignoring any people. The National AIDS Commission of the republic of Indonesia at the national, provincial and district / city level should be welcomed by the community with open arms. We hope that the community must participate actively to succeed the program

The death penalty which have been conducted by our government to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS epidemic distribution among the young generation in Indonesia which have been applied in all areas of the country still need support with the establishment of the law reinforcement consistently. However those deadly sentences have already been applied into the law in Indonesia, the actual person who commits consuming drugs using infected needles were continue to grow. This group of risky people has become targeted by the HIV/AIDS virus to extend their area of infection in addition to the number of drugs junkies which have been reached more than two millions of those 90 percentages of total of HIV AIDS victims.

Let's protect our children and future generations from those deadly HIV AIDS virus
Let's live healthy inside and outside
Do it right now. What are you waiting for?

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