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I met Diva Krisdayanti

Hi all

Do you know a Diva Krisdayanti? Wow. Yes, I am sure of everyone knows her right?. Her smiling face always with her every time, and the song of "Menghitung Hari" is very phenomenal. Well yeah I met KD and took picture together with her. Just look at the above. Hehehe

Actually Krisdayanti and Rahul Lamos are together in the executive class in that GA 504 Denpasar-Jakarta. They both wearing black glasses but I was able to identify them. I asked permission to both of them to take photo together with me. My camera always "on" in my small back and I think this helps me greatly when I come across any wonderful or unpredictable moments like this.

I requested one of the stewardess to hold my small digital camera to take photo of three of us, me, KD and Rahul. Unfortunately before the shutter release pressed on, Mr Rahul get up from his seat and leaving both of us away. So you can only looking at me and KD only in the picture. To be honestly , I prefer KD to take photo together with me to Rahul hehehhehehhee.

Rahul's body is big. His body reminds me of Myke Tyson hahahahhahaa. I have enclosed herewith the picture. Enjoy

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