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My Presentation About KangGURU Website On Workshop

I was invited to give presentation at one day workshop for SMA Students administered by Pro Education English course on Saturday 25th of September 2010 at Aula Perpustakaan Daerah located in Jalan Soetoyou Pontianak.

There are two sessions in the workshop ; One is presentation came from Ibu Eni Rosnija,MA from English Department of Tanjungpura University. Her presentation was about "how to speak English with effectively and fun" by using power point.

Two was mine. My presentation is about "Learn English with KangGURU Indonesia online". I was using KangGURU Website ( and explained on many aspects from the website which they might find interesting including some English materials they might find on the website and podcast they could listen to. I suggested the audiences to be more actively in the KangGURU FOrum on the website too.

I presented in front of around 250 SMA students in Pontianak. The presentation was successful and lots of questions from students about the role of KangGURU Website to improve their learning of English. Some of the students were really interested in getting latest Magazine of KangGURU Indonesia. At the end of my presentation , there were a small contest. I only had two small KG packages to give away. Unfortunately, I did not receive KangGURU 2010 bulletin to show to audiences during the workshop.

According to Principal of Pro Edcuation English course , Mr Ucup Supriadi , that the workshop has been closed one day before that day and more and more students were coming to our registration desk to be enrolled as participant.

" I worked with a few friends from our course to handle more than 250 participants for this a half day workshop, and it was really amazing. A lot of students must have been suspended to avoid too many people in this room" said Ucup Supriadi.

He also confirmed that the roadshow of Pro Education English course will be running to several cities in West Kalimantan such as Sintang, Ketapang, Sambas, and many other cities of West Kalimantan. "We also planned to conduct a workshop for English teachers for SMA Students real soon after this one, and I hope anyone can let me know if they knew facilitatior or material providers to be contacted" said Ucup

I love that Workshop. I really do. KanGURU Indonesia was famous for students. It was really very interesting workshop indeed.

Let me hear from you

Asep Haryono
KangGURU Champion - Pontianak

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  1. Great presentation bro. I think for present we will increase our english language skill. Gimana bro bahasa inggrisnya, hancur yach? Wakakaka... Kunjungan persahabatan nih dari Blogger Borneo.


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