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Let's speak English

Dear Blog,

Having finished my studies at university a few years ago, I confessed that I started not using English quite often. It's been a while after I was realizing that was true and often made me crazy thinking of it. I really did. It was very suddenly when I was thinking that this could not be true if I let things happen without thinking over and over again. I knew that English is not my primary language since I was a child. I was learning English only just a few years ; when I began my primary education at the year 10 to the year 12. As you might know that the year 12 was equal to Secondary School year or Senior High School level. I have been learning English since the year 9 t0 the year 12, and continued at English department at Tanjungpura University later on.

English is For Fun
I found many advantageous and benefits after I learned English for years. There were lots of opportunity now open wide when I was learning the language effectively just after I completed my studies at University. You could learn English with anything you wanted. You could use English for studying abroad or working in numerous companies in Indonesia. As you might know already, that sometimes many bos and leaders of the companies, CEO, and Director suggested their Employees to learn English first before applying for the job. You could not depend of many certificates or credentials you got for your application. You might need another foreign skill to enrich your performances in applying for the job.

Okay that was for work. How about learning English as second language learning or as foreign language studies?. Well that was true and correct true. Me, myself did the same things as you think of it too. There were lots of ways of improving your English these days. There was an Internet connections, Cable TV , Radios and Television around you. I would like to give you more samples for those facilities. Did you watch TV or foreign channels from abroad such as CNN, HBO, National Geographic and many others? Yeah., that was a good way of learning English free of charge too. Despite you enjoyed the programs you could have practiced your English directly from the telly. Some foreign radios also could be listened in Indonesia too such as BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and VoA (Voice of America).

You can request their broadcasting schedules or booklet for it. KangGURU Indonesia also provided a very good quality of radio program through KangGURU Indonesia on every RRI all across Indonesia. The purpose of the KangGURU Radios are for everyone starting from SMP until high education. When you log on internet, then you will absolutely find English as their languages. You see, there many many ways of improving your English with fun. You can enjoy English with the music you like the most. I myself love any Songs from old fashion albums and romantic memories ones such as "If you understand" from George Baker Selection, ABBA, Michael Jackson's album, and many others.

I enjoyed English from any songs I love to sing. Just like you and me. I love foreign musics and songs from different country of the world. I love ABBA with "fernando" , "chiquitita", and many songs from that group. I love some songs from Gerald Joling such as "Spanish heart" and "Everlasting Love". Beside I can enjoy the beautiful rhythm and songs , I follow passions of learning their English lyrics that I do not at all at the first time. I try to understand the lyrics by opening my English-English dictionaries. I was pleased to know that I could finally understand any single of the lyric by looking at the dictionary. Oh wonderful. Learning English for me is really fun indeed. I really love English very much.

I visited Bali nearly eight times because of English since 2003 up to now. I participated at KangGURU Website on the internet 20001 especially in the forum page on the website with English. The project manager of the KangGURU Indonesia offered me to join with KangGURU Indonesia as a team called "champion". You will find more information on what Champion is doing from here. I can visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2009 because of English. I participated in a contest with a reward of about 2500 $ USD because of I won many selections from them and that was English is a media to answer the test. There were many benefits and opportunity of you can understand English written and spoken

Learn English Now
Learning English will be useful for your future. Trust me. Since although lost of people now confessed that they can learn English at school and get good mark, that is not indicating that you are understanding the language. You get grade "A" for English subject at school will not correlate with your actual ability to use English as foreign language. That is why you need IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test Of English As Foreign Language) to measure your ability to use English. If you apply for scholarship to study at overseas, then you need good score of any International IELTS or institutional TOEFL.

There was no late in learning English. Trust me. I have been learning English more than ten years, and I never considered myself capable of using English fluently and without making any mistake. No way. I made mistakes almost everyday, and I always learn the mistake, and try to improve my English almost every day. I was so lucky that my primary occupation now open good opportunity to use Internet that I can make any contacts with many people around the globe. I was so lucky that I got many opportunity to travel to several places that I do not know at all from English language learning.

If you knew English language even though very little , then you could improve your English skills with many ways. If you have much money, then you can take any English course. Some research tells us that people will get much guidance to learn English at any English clubs where lots of people can share together and you could be guided by teachers of English. If you knew English, then you can surf any websites on the Internet, and you can get very first information from the world wide web due to your English skill. You can compete with other candidates from around the world when you apply for any scholarship to study abroad. The most important is that you will get many opportunity to become a better and better man in the world. You will become part of the world because you knew English as one of the foreign languages.

Do you have a dream to get? Do you know where you are going to? Do you get what you are hoping for?. Well, just like you are. I still have a dream to pursue too. I would like to continue my studies in abroad. I could be in the United States of America, Australia or perhaps in another middle east countries. Not just attending the conferences just like I did these days, but this is really really a study project to get any certificate or bachelor that I never have for the rest of my life. Many friends of mine got scholarship from the United States of America. Some of them got from SUSI (study in the United States Institute) project, and some of them were from AMINEF Fullbright scholarshop scheme. To be honestly, I envy to their succeed. I really did. I would like to follow their succeeds in studying in abroad. I hope so and I know so

I will always improve my English every day. I love English in everyway

Be part of the world. Learning English now.
Have fun with English ya. Let's Speak English :)))))))

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