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:: Some tips about learning English from Kang GURU ::

When KGRE meets students and teachers all over Indonesia, this question is often asked. ‘What is the easy and best way to learn English’ Unfortunately there is no easy way to learn English. English can be difficult but there are ways to make learning more effective and enjoyable.

Enjoy learning English
It is difficult to learn anything if we do not enjoy it. Therefore try to have fun with English and try to make it a challenge rather than a chore.

Become a member of an active language club
Meeting regularly with other keen language students will give you a lot of practice time and many good experiences. It is often easier to learn more from your friends in a social and fun environment.

Be active
To really learn a language, especially speaking and listening, you need to be an active participant. Don't just be a bystander or spectator. Get in there and go for it — full steam ahead!

Some students think that the faster they can talk English then the more fluent they are. Remember if people cannot understand you then you are not actually fluent.

Many students want to speak ‘Perfect English’. They will even try to speak English until they are perfect. Your English will never be perfect — even native speakers do not use perfect English, especially in day to day conversation and in other informal situations. Your Bahasa Indonesia is not always perfect either so why expect your English to be perfect?

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