Sukseskan Asian Games 2018

::Motivation is half the Work ::

“Boring!” Well, that’s definitely not the way it works.

Try to find a positive aspect to studying. Why not watch your favourite film in English and write down some useful words or phrases that you want to remember. You could also read the lyrics of Top 10 songs and try to understand what they are about. Or check out celebrity sites and learn more about famous actors, bands and other stars. This sure is good for your vocabulary and on top of that – it’s lots of fun.

Always look on the bright side of life.

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  1. setau saya sih, salah 9 dari 10 pintu rezeki adalah: pernikahan :D **bawaan niat nikah taon ini**

    1 pintunya, kalo ga salah: PERNIAGAAN

    ya udah, buka usaha ndiri ajah...


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