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Study Tips from Internet Surfers

Today we're going to hear some very useful study tips from one of our KGRE fans, Naomi Slowna. Naomi is from Pematangsiantar in North Sumatera, but she moved to Bogor to study and graduated from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture. She enjoys learning English and likes to use it when communicating with people all over the world. Here's Naomi to pass on some of her English study tips. Listen carefully, what are the two ways Naomi improves her English?

‘I had English lessons regularly at school. Many of my friends also took English courses after school hours. So at first they had better English than me. I never took an English course but I used my time effectively and studied English all the time. But actually, the most powerful reason for me to learn English is my hobby — music. I have loved music since I was 5 years old, especially English language songs. But I didn't have much money to buy all the cassettes that I wanted. Even now when I like a song I always need to know the lyrics.

So I listen to the song on the radio carefully and try to write down the lyrics according to what I hear. Sometimes the lyrics of songs can't be heard clearly, especially if there are slang words. Nevertheless I can still learn a lot about vocabulary. You can do the same too. Now, my hobby is watching movies. This helps me a lot to increase my English skills.

Now my English proficiency is far better than before and it is the result of all the time I spent listening, writing and learning. I still write down songs lyrics that I like and as many as I can. I believe our hobbies can be very useful to help us study English. If you have a hobby then use it to study English, okay?’ Naomi uses songs and films to learn English, and what a great idea that is.

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