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I love Different Pond Different Fish and Australia Indonesia Partnership
By Aini

What I like most in KangGuru Magazines are the Different Pond Different Fish and the Australia Indonesia Partnership. Why do I rank them as the most interesting things for me? First, I always have big passion in learning culture and from DPDF I can learn many things about culture differences between Indonesian and Australian, which helps me and maybe people understanding each other and the cultures better.

Understanding cultures is something really important in building a good sustainable relationship. DPDF does help by giving us the "picture" of how the two countries see particular things and sharing the experiences of the people. Second, I am interested in society development and environmental issues. The AIP program gives information of what is happening and what society-based programs are implemented in many parts of Indonesia by the partnership. It is great to know that those projects help many people. Keep up the good work! That is simply super!

Aini from Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan

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