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Anggun is here today on Kang Guru. Kevin met her in Jakarta in late May, 2006 and here she is to introduce herself to you on Kang Guru. ‘I'm Anggun. I'm 32 (laughter), Indonesian, Javanese actually, and singer, song writer and … a wife. There's always been this kind of problem actually … holding … actually I, I don't speak much of languages. I only speak Indonesian, English and French. I used to speak a little bit of Javanese. Well, it's not actually a language, it's dialect and I think being a musician, being an artist you've developed a certain easiness with with languages, with sounds, and it certainly helped me in learning languages different because I learnt, I learnt by ears first and then through the theory.’

Anggun and English Part 1
When Kevin met Anngun in Jakarta he asked her about learning English. Anggun certainly can speak English very well and here she is today on Kang Guru. Listen for her comments about English and French. And a question for you to answer — which language did she learn first — English or French? Okay? Which language did she learn first — English or French?

‘I learnt English first, ya. I actually learnt it at school when I was nine because I went to Catholic school. And err the problem that I'm still having is with the time because with the conjugation. Because you know how it is in Indonesian language there is everything is in present. You just have to say when? hi hi. So I still have problems with that kind of err I think it's it's it's in my blood. I just don't know how to say things properly sometimes. And conjugation is still something so very unnatural for me. And the same, the same problem happens to me in French. And it's erhm it is a much more complicated language.’

Maybe you have the same problem as Anggun — conjugation of verbs in English. Past, present and future tenses often cause problems for Indonesian students but keep working hard and remember to use your English everyday, every day!

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