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Kang Guru Magazine is one of many English resources that we can use it in both classroom activity and as an information media. Here are two segments I like most available in the Kang Guru Magazine, they are Australia Indonesia Partnership and Listeners' Letters(Kang Guru Voices.)

Just like as many others listener, I like Australia and Indonesia Partnership segment sponsored by AusAID, it has attracted many readers and listeners successfully because of its programs to help the education and social life in Indonesia. By working together with the government of Indonesia, AusAID has provided many supports and contributions, such as the construction and expansion of around 2000 junior high schools (Kang Guru March 2007 edition) and Central Java Community Assistance Program (CAP) by The AusAID Yogyakarta - this program was an Australian Government initiative which was designed in response to the earthquake which struck Yogyakarta and part of Central Java Province on 27th may 2006(Kang Guru December 2007 edition) and many others. These partnership programs are really meaningful and truthful, I think everyone has the same opinion as me - Good Neighbors Make Good Friends.

The second segment I like most available in Kang Guru Magazine is Listeners letters or Kang Guru Voices. There are so many letters, email and SMS on this segment that we could read and study especially their ideas or their writing skills. So many parts of profession come to join this segment (students, teachers and public listeners), they share any ideas and great interesting information about English. Diah Wahyu Dinata was one of great students who sent her letter to KGI in March 2008 edition. She could be an good inspiration for us as an English teacher to motivate our students to write English and achieve their dreams.

Dwi Wahyu Hari Basuki, SMP Bustanul Makmur Genteng, Jl. Watugajah, Sumberbening, Genteng, Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur

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