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Modern technology

Talking about modern technology can make me laugh at my self. Why? Because I was once shocked by the new technology. I remember when I was a teenager, I was asked by my neighbor who was also my English teacher at school, to go to a public telephone, to call one of her friends to come to her house. My goodness, I talked to my self, how I could do this, I’d never made a phone call before.

My heart palpitated strongly at that time. Yeah, since my family was too poor to set a phone, I didn’t know how to use it. I was confused, I was shy to tell the truth to my teacher about the fact. But then, I thanked God. My teacher canceled her order. That’s about the past, when the telephone appeared as a new expensive technology after radio and television, as I knew.

Nowadays, I am not shocked anymore by the new technology, although I still don’t have enough money to buy them all. I am amazed that the technology develops so fast. We can see on the television the appearance of the new products of modern technology. They are all very fantastic and amazing. And for me, the most wonderful and exciting piece of modern technology is the internet, because with the internet, we can find many new things that we don’t know before. We can also chat with other people all around the world and even look for or apply for a jib through the internet.

Patricia Lili Liu
Jl. Bulogading No. 2 G
Sulawesi Selatan

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  1. salam bang Asep,

    makasih udah berkunjung ke blog saya. saya juga sudah add link blog mas di blog saya.

    Wah... saya juga sering mas, menerima email seperti yang mas ceritakan. terutama email dari afrika. Tapi yang mas lakukan kepada Yulia sudah cukup membantu dia dengan menghubungi kedutaan.

    o ya mas, si Yuliya ini cantik juga ya. apa bener ini foto dia? semoga aja bener. Hati-hati klo istri tahu bisa bahaya... hihihihi (b'canda). sukses selalu mas and keep writing.

    salam kenal


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