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Modern Correspondence

The development of technologies is running rapidly now. A product of the development very much helps men to do their daily works so that they can be finished faster and easier.

One of the products of the development is sending letters by electron mail or it is well known as EMAIL. It is a great progress in correspondences. We can write and send as many as we can without being afraid of time matter. We can use it anytime. Day or night. Besides, it only takes some seconds to reach one’s email addressee wherever the addressee is. Many benefits we get if it is compared to the postal services, the conventional way. There are many lacks that the postal services has, such as the fast of delivery and the fare.

That is why it is not surprising that people begin to turn their attention to that new way whether for personal purposes of for business purposes. We don’t have to own a computer set and a modem at our home. We just go and rent a computer to an Internet stall or we call it warung internet (warnet). In brief, E-mail is the easiest way of correspondences. Everyone can use it easily. And I think it is important for all of us is mastering such a modern technology in order not to be left behind.

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