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As we know, now a days many people forgot their local culture. Many of them said that the local culture is very boring. They prefer to modern dance or playing games. And now, it’s very important to learn about the local culture, we as society especially as a student, must think what will happen with our country if we can’t protect our local culture?

In Sibolga, many programs has been try to protect the local culture. Every school showed many kinds of performances, like Tor-tor dance, melayu dance, or Minang dance. And it’s one ways to make local culture to be popular.

Many information we can get if we fight to find it. Because, it is very easy to get. We can find in some books, magazines, or internet who explain about culture. So, let’s start now! We must make our culture to be popular. And we as a students, can join with the government to protect the local culture.

SMA Tri Ratna Sibolga (XI IPA)
Jl. S. Parman 58 Sibolga, Sumatera Utara

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  1. boleh ya tulisan ini buat bahan siaran saya di segmen terbaru dunia kampus ;)


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