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:: Story Telling 04 ::

Learning local culture is crucial. Although we live in modern the era, learning local culture is still needed especially for Indonesia teenagers. There are reasons for this. First, learning local culture can enrich national culture. National cultures are derived from many local cultures.

If teenagers know their culture, for instance for me, the 'Ngremo Dance' and they practice it, they will keep the cultures alive. So everybody knows that 'Ngremo dance' is one part of local culture. 'Ngremo Dance' can also be added on the list of national culture. Secondly learning about local culture can enhance our knowledge about all culture. We should acquire many knowledges not only about the latest technologies but also about culture. We are lucky if we have many knowledges. The knowledges, especially important issue, like culture is one big power to face this world.

Furthermore, learning local culture can protect our culture from bad influences of Western culture. As an English proverb says “Every medal has two sides”, Western culture has good influences and also the bad ones. Most of the Indonesia teenagers like to imitate western culture. It’s good when they imitate the good ones, but if they imitate the bad ones, they will lose their personality as Indonesians. They use some western culture to get acknowledgments as modern people.

So, it’s important to learn local culture for the better life. The teenagers who have learnt the local culture can filter the western culture which is suitable for the growth of Indonesia culture/ And in turn, Indonesia teenagers will love their own cultures and respect other nations cultures.

Full winning entry stories - 2007 Writing Competition
Grand winner: Jade Nugrahaningtyas L.
From SMA Negeri 1 Boyolangu, Tulungagung, East Java


  1. IKIP dan FKIP Bahasa Inggris hehe.. agak sedikit sama.. okeh, segera meluncur ke episode ke 2..

  2. Anonymous11:58:00 AM

    Hemmm, bagian surat lamaran itu aku baru tahu. Ternyata.... aku kagum padanya juga :)


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