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Satellite, The most useful Technology for Indonesian

Nowadays, communication system develops so fats, there are many new discoveries in communication, one of them is very important for Indonesian is satellite. Satellite is something that is launched to fly round the earth. It’s function is to make communication easier. Beside that, this is also useful to know weather, flight, shipping, etc. It works with electromagnetic wave, so we don’t need to use wire anymore.

The existence of satellite is really needed in Indonesia, it has been launched since 1974 in Cape Canaveral Florida. It was named Palapa and it is still essential for Indonesia. We will feel difficult in getting information without it. We may think that television, Internet or hand phone is technology that is very useful for us. Because it can send message fast, but we should think that all of them use electromagnetic wave in operation and some of them also use satellites, so they electromagnetic wave in operation and some of them also use satellites, so they won’t be so popular without satellites.

Many expert said that a person who can master technology will be able to master this world, and the only one way to master technology is science. And science will ale be able to master by studying, but it doesn’t mean that learning is only at school, so we have to study hard wherever and whenever. That’s all and thank you.

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