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I’m really agree to learn local culture these day, because as I knew, now days many people don’t know about culture knowledge in their country, local culture was lost and forgotten. They were brought by foreign culture. We as an Indonesian people have to proud of our culture that has many different thing with other country, and we’ve to perpetuate it as our form to love Indonesia.

To study about culture is easy, we can cook special food of our country in holiday or spare time with culture museum, read some book about Indonesia culture, practice some territory language like Batak, Sunda, Java, Banjar, Bugis, Dayak, etc. Many thing we can do. At last Love Indonesia Love the culture Okay.

Rachel Ramdhaniati
PP Putri - Darul istiqamah
Pagat, Sarigading, Barabai – Sulawesi Selatan 71371

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