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Kang Guru is A Fairy From Aussie

From the first time I read Kang Guru, I am really interesting and so many reason why I like it. It's really charming. Kang Guru give me many information about Australia without going there. The right word to express Kang Guru is a fairy from Aussie. Do you know why I call it to Kang Guru?

One day I got a duty from my English lecturer to write everything about a special country and then I wrote about Australia because I am very interesting to the smallest continent in the world and of course because I have Kang Guru so I am happy in doing this duty. Finally I got the best point because my writing is complete. And then my lecturer asked me, "Where did you get the complete information about Aussie or Have you ever go there?". And I said that I never go there, but I have a fairy from Aussie. I said that while I showed Kang guru magazine to her.

Kang guru also makes me surprised after I know that Tasmanian devils is a kind of animal but actually before I read it I thought Tasmanian devil is just a kind of cartoon. There were also many differences between English in Aussie and USA especially in accent and grammar. Australians usually use idioms or slang expression as a joke to express a situation or feeling. It showed that Australians are very friendly.

One thing that makes me really admire to Aussie is Australians have high humane. They have no grudge feeling to Indonesian especially Moslem. They still help Indonesia, to develop economic and social in Aceh. They also help education in Indonesia such as provide lectures, writing materials and also scholarship program.

I am really thanks to Australian and Kang guru. Please keep do your good missions and may God responses your goodness.

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