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Television (A Magic Box)

All human around the world must say thanks to John Logie Baird a Scottish engineer, who was the pioneer of television invention. Without him, it is difficult to imagine that, nowadays we cannot watch a life visual picture. B this magic box, we will know every information visually just from our house.

Magic box or television is the most favorite technology ever in the world even in Indonesia. It is the second after the radio. Although there are mobile phone, internet and many others, it is still needed. It is very significant because every time we can have new information music, films, etc visually broadcasted by the television station program.

First time, in Indonesia there was only one television station program, named TVRI. It broadcast government program such as education, farming information, dialogue, news, even film and music. Many people like it because it was the only one. Soon it was very boring. Later 3 private television station programs are established. They are TPI, RCTI and TPI. Now Indonesian people find more than that. Every of them have their different own program. So that now they have many choices to watch on.

Television gives people a lot of enjoyment, such as soccer match, boxing etc. They can watch these games through television without coming to the stadium or where the games are held. They just watch from their home alone or together with other people. Television is not expensive enough, so all level people in Indonesia can have it.

From :
Dian Retno Ariani
The student of SMU DU 3
PP Darul Ulum Rejoso
Peterongan – Jombang
Jawa Timur

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