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What I Have Learned About Australia From Kang Guru?

Bima city is a city that located in Sumbawa Island and I live in that's city. In my city there is no newspaper or magazine that written in English language moreover the magazine or newspaper that inform us about Australia. So that when we want to learn and know about Australia we should buy the magazine from Java with ask our family there to buy it for us in Bima.

There is an alternative way, but it is too expensive for us a student, that is visit the website that contained the information about Australia. Do you know? For 1 hour we should pay Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 15.000. How to expensive is! So that, when I receive KG magazine from my English teacher. I really surprise because it is a good chance to learn about Australia and practice my English more than before.

Thanks God, now I have chance my perception about Australia that in a long time has been saved in my mind. In my mind Australian is same with western and American society. I have assumption that they are so arrogant and always thinking that they are having higher position whether it compared the other country. But it really different with I have read the article in KG. In that's article there are some news about the activity of some Australian in some region in Indonesia. They are seem so happy and sincerely to do that. They were helped them in more sites, such as education and agricultural. I really appreciate to your effort.

Before I read KG magazine, I only have limit knowledge about Australia. It caused by limited information about it. There are many things that make me so interested to know in Australia, they are the characteristic of the language, the habits of the citizens, the plan, the animals and more things that really make me so interest.

One of them is about the correlation between the animals from Indonesia and Australia. For example, In Indonesia there is trees kangaroo while in Australia there is a kangaroo that walk on the ground. It shows to us that in the long time ago Indonesia and Australia are in the one region but it has been separated by the sea.

Do you know? In my city there is a mountain that if we climb it and look to the south we can see the lamp of the city of Australia as if I can reach it, wow! How near we are! But why we always feel that we are so far? We are so close but we don't know each other. Do you think that is so strange?

Now I have dedicated my self to accept Australian as my really neighbor. Thank you KG! You have shown me the truth that I have a friend across the sea that always cares to me.

Name : Rahmat Hidayatullah
Address : SMAN 1 Kota Bima
Jl. Soekarno Hatta No.29
Raba - Kota Bima, NTB
Class : XI IPA 5

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