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Bicycle, Ex of the world Authority

We have known that the cars pr luxurious motorcycles are the luxurious transportation. But don’t forget before there was an engine like a flash speed, a bicycle was the authority over the world, also defeated the horses and another animals transportation. A great moment of bicycle, although it has an eldest age, every person over the world like to trip by bike even they have to feel tired.

Written in “Columbia Encyclopedia”, bicycle ancestor was described come from French. This nation since early 18 th century had known a transportation by two wheels named velocipede. Velocipede became a famous transportation for many years. But we don’t describe what velocipede was like? It had more differences by what we see now. They had not known the iron, they made it from the woods arrangement at all.

Baron Karl’s Drays Von Suborn was a German, who perfected Velocipede in 1818. In 1839, Kirkpatrick Macmillan added a crank and handlebar. In 1865, Pierre Aliment added a rim of wheel and did some transformation where a front wheel was bigger than back one.

The results of these inventors were move develop after iron and rubber are found. In 1885, James Staley established The Bicycle Factory at Coventry, England. The comfortable increased when Dunlop invented Blown Wheel technology.

Now, bicycle has many styles, there is a bicycle with three wheels for kids, mini cycle, sepeda kumbang and the other unique one. Even at racing bike, we find many kinds of bicycles, e.g. fun bicycle, track bicycle, mountain bicycle and each has the differences on gears number.

Today, in spite of there are many kinds of motorcycles and the modern vehicles, the bicycles always has some interesting vision. We have found it, haven’t we?
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