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:: Story Telling 05 ::

Nowadays many young people, youth of a nation don’t care their local culture so that they don’t learn to know their local culture. They consider that learning local culture is no use and only spending time useless. They would rather have fun. Although they always hear “ a nation won’t be big if a nation doesn’t develop its culture” and now how will we develop our culture if we don’t know our culture?

Learning local culture is very important these days because it means that we are as young generation respect our “nenek moyang” and appreciate what they be queathed and it shows that we are as nation’s hope also exist in perpetuating culture especially in this progress age. Besides that our local culture is aura of our community that must be learned, kept and defend. Because creations, behaviors, styles and how the society live is reflection from the local culture in that place.

So if we want to know others local cultures we can see creations or behaviors of a society. If we don’t will not know our local culture. Once more, our culture is aura of community.

Runner Up:
Rifatun Hasanah- MA Sumber Payung
Jl. Guluk-Guluk No. 63 Bataal barat, Ganding
Sumenep – Madura


  1. bukti foto dan tulisan panjang ini, membuat saya bertanyatanya, akankah suatu hari nanti, suami saya akan membuat kisah kami berdua di blognya? masih rahasia Allah ^_^

    anyway, sangat inspiratif dan menambah semangat untuk menyegerakannya.. doakeun ya kang. syukron wa jazakallah khair.


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