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Australia Is Not Quite What I Thought

My curiosity about Australia arose when I was amazed to see Australian for the first time in my early age. They came to aid my fellow villagers by contributing white buffalos that I had never encountered before since ones found in my village were all black. Not only those white buffalos, but also the white Australian kept me wondering, "What world do these strange creatures come from?"

My clueless yet inquisitive child head was fully covered with question marks. What bizarre language were they speaking? Was everything in their homeland white like their skin and buffalos? What did they eat that they looked different from me? Although tons of questions sprang to my mind, I held my steps back to approach them because I feared they might bite me.

As I grew up, I gained more information on Australia. One day, my lecturer at University handed me a Kangguru magazine. It initially did not attract me at all considering that reading was not my hobby at that time. Anyhow, I eventually found it interesting and helpful when it became my reference for my English vocabulary class. It delivered much more knowledge that I expected. Hence, it answered my childhood questions one by one.

I have learned a lot about Australia from Kang guru now. I comprehend what language Australians speak, what they do at school, how they run their governmental system, what trees grow in their land, what music they currently like, what they do to help other people and so forth. My imagination has changed as well. Australia is a socially and physically colorful country, not a completely white one like I used to imagine. Above all, I am no longer afraid to be near Australians because they do not bite!

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