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Three years ago I'm in Senior High School. at the first time I'm happy because I have got many friends. I could find and a new teacher and we introduced ourselves, after that we cleaned our class with solidarity and togetherness. On Monday morning we had routine activity, it is called "flag ceremony". Everyday I began to learn subject from a half past seven until mid day.

Every years I have three tests as a requirement to promote the second grade. I found some problem in English subject, because I hate not only English subject but also my English teacher.

In 2002 I tried to fall in love with English. Every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm till 5 pm I followed English program (English conversation) at PRO 2 RRI Bandar Lampung, the broadcaster is Mr. Apral. In august 2002 my father prepared one room to study English, and called my uncle, who is from New Zealand, to teach English.

In October 2002 I am in science class and I became a broadcaster on RRI Bandar Lampung, after bringing that program, Mr. Apral gave me a Kang Guru magazine, and then I felt confused how to read it?, he said that Kang Guru magazine would improve your English because this magazine contains about education, scholarship, etc.

In this grade I always got high mark, Mrs. Elly was proud of me because I am an active student. She told me that you do not just like and love English but you have to provide it as a main language of communication.After graduated from SMU, I always pray that I coul get Kang Guru magazine regularly, I hope Kang Guru magazine will be "good neighbours make good friendship" so BRAVO to Kang Guru.


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