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Rubbish Bins . Im My Home Town

Actually, this is based on my experience 2 years ago. My name is Retno, 20 years old; I live in a small village, named Semambung or Semambung street. I have a great family and also good neighbors. There are a lot of nice people here, friendly and kind. So, I think I have a great life here, but I look at my home town, in around me, of course. Do you know why? I told you because there are a lot of rubbish here. From side by side, place to place. I can't do anything, such as my deeply activities, hang gout with my friends. So I can't breathe even in my own house.

About the effect from this situation, I think is very bad because not only for my own family but also for my neighbors. Such as, my whole family including me getting sickness or unhealthy and my neighbors too. Most of all have the same disease, such as flu, cold, headache, stomach, etc. We are very suffer, confused and don't know what we are going to do.

Until one day, I read about one of your article on KGRE magazine. Do you know why? I'm interesting and very surprised when you are talking about rubbish bins in Australia. The importance is Australians people aware abut that. I think we have the same problem, especially about rubbish in our country. Like what you said before rubbish bins can be found in caravan and national parks, beside restaurants and roadsides and even in out of the way places. But you have a good way or the best way to solve this problem, like your motto "Keep Australia Clean", right.

Finally, I decided to make and try your suggestion. Then firstly, I make three or four box for the rubbish. There are one of plastics, another for bottles, one for cans, and another for papers. Secondly, I give some advice to my neighbors. But, unfortunately they mad at me and always underestimated, over and over again. I'm just wondering "Oh God what's wrong with them, why this happen to me, and I'm just trying to help them. It's OK for me, but I'm not give up yet till I reach my dream (dream come true) to make "Keep Semambung Clean", like your motto.

Name : Retno Setyo Wenny
Address : Jl. Semambung No.07
RT 06/RW 04
Grati - Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67184

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