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The Benefit of Having an ATM Card

In this modern era, the technology has grown more deeply. Because of that, we have to anticipate the bad thing that being influence by the growing of technology. We have to carefully select the new technology being promote by scientists, in order to protect ourselves from the bad technology influences. A good development of technology will improve our knowledge of science.

Nowadays, development of technology has been raised all over the world with many kinds of technology. Therefore, we have to be more careful in using all of technology that have been promote for us by scientist like ATM card.

Firstly, in using ATM card is a good way in our daily life because it can help us in getting or taking money easily. We can go around any time and can se it to take money any time and everywhere as long as there is an ATM machine stand and active. ATM card is being promote to fulfill our particular needed or our daily needed. Second, by using ATM card we don’t have to queue up as in the bank teller. We don’t have to carry an account book and fill the form, but we directly type all the form dealing with the using of ATM. The most important thing, we have to memorize our own pin number. An ATM card is easy to carry everywhere and practice. Third, an ATM card also can be used for transferring money to others and can used to pay the shopping fee in the big shopping center.

Having an ATM card is a good choice because by using an ATM card we can take money easily in order to fulfill our particular needed everyday.

By: Adriana Baitanu
Universitas Kristen Artha Wacana
Jl. Adi Sucipto, Oesapa
Kupang – NTT 85361

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  1. Wah, abang yang satu ni rajin bangget...fotonya lagi dicek, ntar kalo udah masuk daku kabari...thanks a lot...:P


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