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Learn English of Technology Computer

Now we know that all schools have one lesson about technology. That’s ICT (Information and Communication Technology) it’s about computer. I think it’s the best opportunity to improve our English. Why not! Because all program or all commands of the “computer” use English. So we must priorities this opportunity. With that we had already taken two subjects matters is that science and technology.

Who isn’t like that? This matter make us to remember again an Indonesia proverb that says “Sambil menyelam Minum Air”. That’s true because if we practice computer at the same time, we also study English. I think English is interesting to us because English is international language. So it’s very important to our future. To end this, I would like to say that studying English is an integration of computer and science.

By: Andriano R. Barros
Seminari SMU Lalian
Jl. Nela Raya, Lalian – Atambua
Timor – NTT 85751

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