:: Story Telling 06 ::

We know that Indonesia id rich of culture and as Indonesian people that is important for us to learn about local culture and also that is our pride. The reasons why local culture is important to learned are: First, local culture is personality of our nation and as Indonesian people we have to keep, develop and learn local culture especially young generation.

Second, learning about local culture can give many profitable, not only for us but also to our country for example after we learn about local culture, we will get many of knowledge and we can use our knowledge in tourism side. Maybe we can be a guide, when the tourists or visitors came to our area and asks about our local culture, we can answer it easily. That is profitable of learning local culture and local cultures have big potential in tourism.

Third, as young generation we must learn our local culture in order that we have many knowledge and also we have brave and good mentality to develop our country later.

Runner Up:
Pasar Inpres II No. 27, Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat

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