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Personal Computer

In my opinion, personal computer (PC), which has now been an inseparable part of plenty of homes and offices here in this country – is the most wonderful and exciting piece of modern technology recently available for people in Indonesia.

PC is absolutely wonderful in that it helps people do the jobs, which may be very difficult or even impossible to do without the help of this gadget, such as typing, editing still or motion pictures, creating animation, analyzing complicated data, calculating complex math project, and many other things including learning foreign languages. As we know that there are abundant available software and CD ROMs supporting language learning from the nice lessons for kids to the complicated tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

PC is also very exciting since it facilitates us to get a lot of entertainments. With PC we can listen to music, play games, watch movies and so on.

However, the immense merit of PC on mankind is the emergence of internet. Without PC, it is unlikely possible that people may come to the idea of inventing internet, which is an amazingly complete library containing almost all information from the very trivial things like gossips, movie trailers, etc to the very advantageous and scientific matters such as advance technology, health, etc. Internet is also undisputedly very effective means of communication (with the e-commerce).

In sum, PC makes our life easier, more wonderful, exciting and colorful.

S.M. Fitriyah
Jl. Karimata No. 6 Jember
Jawa Timur
E-mail: fitria2377@yahoo.com

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