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The Solar Energy Saver For House wifes

The solar energy is a long life energy. It never runs out. Although it’s very hot, but by its heat, help people to dry fishes (in coastal area) and dry clothes. Even now days, solar energy also used to operate a car. It uses the solar energy as the basic power, not petrol. The solar energy saver here seems like the one that the cars have. The different is the solar energy saver reduces the housewives headache. How can it be? Because the government will increase the price of electricity. It makes “Mom” getting more headache. After the impact of the petrol price which increased, now Mom have to thing for the increase of electricity prices.

The solar energy saver itself, placed on the house to reduce the uses of electricity. It puts on the roof. The shape is like parabola which consist of some element that lock the solar energy. After the solar energy is full, it will transform the lamps and some households. Another uses of solar energy saver is replacing the LPG or land oil (oil which use in kompor). It has already proved. Solar is needed. By using some elements to collect the solar heat and then transform it to the pan.

So, solar energy has many functions. Although it’s sometimes very hot but useful for human. Imagine if the solar lazy to go out, we can not dry clothes, fishes, and the important is this kind of new technology will never run. It will useless without solar. Because it’s solar every saver. If it not built today, maybe 10 or 15 years later, it will be a famous equipment.

Yuyun Zakiyah
6 th Semester of Faculty Bahasa & sastra UNIPDU
PP Darul Ulum Jombang
Jawa Timur


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