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Dear Kang Guru Indonesia the most i like about Kang Guru Indonesia are all part of Kang Guru Indonesia. do you want to know why i said like that? i think this has given more benefit, useful, and could increase my knowledge. i have several reasons for it. the first are informations in each edition. KGI always give the latest informations that are different and variatif, depend on the thema such as environment, sport and etc. in this case is really attractive and perfect.

Besides that, we can kniw about development of The Australia Indonesia Partership and the activities that have been doing by both countries. includes KGI are doing for Indonesia. the second are vocabularies and task.vocabularies that are used in the article is variatif, although several vocabulary have same meaning. in this case of course helped me increase my vocabularies collection.

On other word, indirectly also helped increase my English skill. though there are several vocabularies and the way to use it has been explain through idiom inggris and quick fix. the task on the each edition also attractive, moreover there are prizes from KGI. we have to look for the answers, maybe on the article or sometimes from other sources such as books and internet.

indirectly, you have asked to is to more reads and find something new particularly have connection with knowledge. the third is spirit of the KGI. KGI always give support to the readers and listeners. KGI also invited them to take a part on the formation of magazines or KGI activities. besides that, KGI always invite them to:

1. increase their own English skill.

2. increase their own knowledge and life experiences.

3. make friendship and connection with more peoples whatever from Indonesia or abroad like Australia.

Thak you so much for your roles in Indonesia and Happy Anniversary 20th. I wise you will be more success in next time and always do the best for yourself, the readers and listeners. or maybe for Indonesia. see you next time.

Rizki Kurniawan Ds. Bakulan Rt 02 Rw 01 Kec. Kemangkon Kab. Purbalingga Jawa Tengah 53381


  1. wahhhhh kebiasaannnnn suka nitip ternyata ngga baik hehehehehehe

  2. Anonymous9:57:00 PM

    pa presiden yang saya hormati...kami harap regionalisasi di tiadakan pak, terimakasih


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