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Handphone, the most wonderful and exciting piece of modern technology
If we talking about the most wonderful and exciting piece of modern technology available for people in Indonesia, then award will goes to a gadget which in Indonesia known as Hand Phone. But there are some kind of phones actually, and generally also used by hand. So do you know why they named it like that?

The size is quite small than a home phone, but the size doesn’t matter. Moreover this piece is practical to bring so can be used while we mobile. That’s why hand phone also called as mobile phone or cell phone coz that’s the truly name anyway. Many people use this technology because the price is affordable, useful in many things and really cool to have whether men and women or old and young people.

Besides the basic function, this stuff have some other facilities that we can use, such as : send some short message or email to other people who also use same device, multimedia entertainment where we can enjoy some MP3 songs, games, watch some movie clips, or for recording some great moments through its cam. And beside all those, the important thing for some people here in Indonesia is the prestige when they gripping and using that piece in front of other people, even though no pulse on it. Just provided that looks so stylish.

As I know, some people have some great experiences where they’ve got helped by their cell phone like when a boy too shy to express his love to the girl he adore directly face to face, then he express it by sending an sms to her through his cell phone. Or an experience when someone gets lucky to become a winner of big cash by sms quiz, and much more.

Cell phone is like a private store, friend, or even like a secretary because it can be also functioned as personal organizer. Super right? So for me, cell phone is a great piece since slice bread. Unfortunately, today some people also use this gadget in negative way like to store pornography on it, then became cases in Indonesia recently. But it’s definitely the user’s mistake, not the gadget. Right?

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