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My Beloved Kang Guru Drives Me Crazy

I have a very young English teacher whose name is Abdul Hakim Muslim. I have been interested in him since the first time I met him. I adore him so much because he is very handsome indeed. I never tell him that I love him. It really hurts me hiding my feeling inside my heart. I have to do it because it is not common here in Indonesia for a student who loves her own teacher.

I do not know why I cannot stop loving him. I always pray so that he can be mine. I always think about him every second, every minute, every hour and every day. I cannot deny that I am just the girl who a crush on him. I like to call him my beloved kang guru. He is not only a young man but also my English teacher. In Indonesia a young man is called kang and a teacher is called guru.

Although he is eleven years older than me but it cannot make me stop loving him. My parents never stop advising me to throw my love away. They tell me that there is no hope to get his love. My teacher comes from a rich family but I do not. We are very different. He can get everything he wants easily but I must work hard in the field all day to get what I want. He has much money as if he was a kangguru which his pocket full of money.

By the way I respect and thank him very much because he usually pays my school fee. When I go home from school, he sometimes calls me and gives me some cakes. It makes me cry. I realize how poor I am, even I can eat some delicious cakes if he gives them to me. I feel sorry that I cannot afford to buy them by myself. He goes on helping and giving but in the other hand, I can do anything from myself in return.

He ever has me send a letter to kangguru to get a free magazine. He says to me that it will help me to study English more. In fact, what my teacher says about kangguru magazine is definitely right. It has many new vocabularies and so many news. I tell him that I like it and he smiles to me. He teaches me how to read the kangguru magazine every night at his house that is why he and I becomes closer.

We meet and speak each other every day. He tells me to study hard. If I can go on getting a good score, he will be willing to help me to study at university. All of the cost will be paid by him. Naturally, I am very surprised to hear that. I ask him why he is so good to me. He explains to me that he loves me as his friend and his student. After hearing his reason, I make up my mind to try to love him as a teacher but not as a lover. As a matter of fact the more I try to lose my feeling, the stronger I feel.

The most important thing that I should do for him is studying hard because I do not want to disappoint him. Although my English is still bad, I will never give up studying it. I will keep my secret that I love him for all of my time. I do want to make him proud as his student. May God always gives him the best thing.

Halimah in Jombang, East Java

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