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As we have known that technology is one of things that are very fast. Era by era, everyday it has developed. Radio is one of the important technologies; by radio we can get information easily although it’s not visual. IT has advantages such as it is cheap to buy, it can be brought everywhere even it can be had by poor people because it is the cheapest media of information.

Day by day, month of month, technology has newest information. For example nowadays there are more new technology to get information of the world easily than before. For instance, computer, internet, hp, etc. because of that, people forget on old technology that they think only have. Less information and little more to get because it is limit. Logically it is right, more modern everything absolutely and must get better.

But we have to know and as told above that radio is easiest and cheapest technology as media information. Although it is old fashioned media, remember, we can get many important things from it. Fro example, this year in our country, Indonesia there’s KGRE (Kangguru Radio English) the center is in Bali, it has English programs. Almost every regency has radio station that join in the KGRE’s program. So it is important and useful for the students, more over student of English to improve their English.

Maya Zulfa
Fak. Bahasa & Sastra
UNIPDU PP Darul Ulum Jombang

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