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Kanguru or Kang Guru

Michiko is a Japanese. She likes to learn many languages, including java. But, she has just studied it from her friend for three moths. She has a pen-pall named Ani. Now, Michiko is in holiday and decide to spend it in Indonesia to meet her pen-pall, in East java.

Ani is Javanese. Her mother is a veterinarian and works in Safari national park. Michiko and Ani have make friend for two years, but they have never met before. So, this is the first time for her to come to Indonesia to meet Ani. And she just been here for two days.

When she was visiting Ani in the afternoon, Ani's mother who was working, phoned and asked them to see kangguru, who lived near Safari park, as he was sick. So, they went there. After a few minutes there, suddenly Michiko said, " come on, An, we have to go to the park." "for what?" asked Ani. "of course to see kangguru as your mother asked." Said Michiko. Ani replied, "we have met kang guru now." Michiko was very confuse. Then she said,"but where? I don't see any kangguru here." Hearing this, Ani and kang guru looked each other, then laughed. "hey, why do you laugh? Am I wrong?" asked Michiko. "kangguru is an animal isn't it? said her again. "no if you meant is animal, it is not kangguru but kanguru." Said kang guru.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you. This is kang guru. He is my mom's assistant who usually help her to keep animals in safari park. Actually his name is Guru, because he is five years older than me, so I call him kang. Kang means brother. I think you have understood much about our language." told Ani. Michiko was very ashamed of her bad language. She was silent, but a moment later, laughed loudly. Finally, she said," ha..ha..ha.. I find the funny words, kang guru keep kanguru.

From :
Dwi Kristiyanti in Sidoarjo, East Java

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