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Learners who belong to language clubs have a lot more opportunity to use their English in an interesting way. They can learn form other members of the club and can also help others to learn too. Did you know that learners who are involved in a conversation club generally improve faster than those who aren't? So, join a club

Listen to the news or other programs in English
By listening to the news in English on the radio we not only get a lot of information but it's also a great way to hear the correct pronunciation and intonation patterns of the announcers. Listening to the radio can be difficult, but don't give up too easily. ‘Get into the Habit’ and keep listening regularly, especially to Kang Guru!

Read articles or books in English
If you choose this study tip, remember to choose an interesting topic! It's much harder to read something that doesn't interest you. Choosing a story or article about something you enjoy will make your reading more worthwhile, more fun and more effective.

Increase your vocabulary
You can do this by checking new words in a dictionary and writing them down with their meanings or in an example sentence. But don't just write them down and forget about them! Go back and look at those new words every few days and try to use them when you speak or write in English.

From all of those theories mentioned above, the most important thing for all of you to try is NOT TO BE SHY in English. Don't be afraid of making mistakes in English. You know why? Because of I made mistakes almost every day every time in my whole life. Native Speakers make mistake almost of all time, and we always do. Just HAVE FUN with English and ENJOY ok

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