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Kang Guru The Way of Learning About Australian Cultures

I like Kang Guru radio English magazine. Even it's not thick magazine but it provides a lot of knowledge and information about Australia with entertainment styles. I really impress with the content of Kang Guru radio English magazine when I read it for the first time. I also impress with the word of Kang Guru itself. It's a creative idea to write it in that style. Thought in my mind, it will be spelled kangaroo. The famous Australia's native animal, the icon of Australia. But I'm wrong. Then I realize that it represents the friendly relationship between two nations.

Kang Guru radio English magazine is one of media to learn about Australia cultures. Absolutely, different pond different fish section is a good source to know and learn about Australian cultures. It brings the readers to the real of Australian world which is different from Indonesia. It gives the readers a clear understanding about Australian lifestyle and culture.

Such as, the way they celebrate the Christmas on the beach with barbecue in a hot summer. The expression when they meet each other "how are you going mate!" The styles of their clothing that is really casual such as T-shirt, short pants and thongs. The way, they spend days off and holidays with picnic and barbecue or going to the beaches. And the party which is really different in Indonesia with many terms RSVP, Bring Your Own (BYO) meat, and bring the plate which mean if we are invited to the party we should make a reservation first and bring foods or drinks to share with others. And much more cultures and lifestyles which is great to learn to make us understand each other and reduce misunderstanding which often come up to the surface when two different cultures meet.

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