:: Story Telling 38 ::

by Yuanita Herliana

In this letter, I'd like to share about my first experience about teaching English at a vocational school. It is SMK Piri Ngaglik Sleman Yogya. I'm a student of Semester 7 at Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa Yogya. Related to this, I'm taking a lecture (a practical lecture) of Macro Teaching. So at the SMK, I became an English teacher 'trainee' or usually called a PPL teacher.

I'm studying many things there. I've to learn about the administration of the library, Tata Usaha, students' intern school organization and many more. I'm also studying how to arrange the school's curriculum - these things is guided by teachers that are responsible for each post. Well, the most difficult things that I've to do is teaching English. But I really enjoy my job. The class is amusing and interesting. The students are very kind and friendly.

They can't speak English well but they are trying to learn. I think they need something special as a media . That reminds me of you. I think the Kangguru magazine is the proper media to introduce to them. I want to maximize my efforts to make them still have high spirits to learn English and also use it in properly ways. So, directly, may I get about 45 magazines of Kangguru for this plan? If there are available, I hope that it will be sent before the end of October.

But, if there aren't, I hope you tell it by letter to me. I really hope that you able to help me in this way, cause I really need it. OK, that's my experience. Anyway.........thanks a lot for all your attention, help and the magazine. I've got this month. It is really interesting and still rich an English knowledge. It's about the topic that underline, so we can learn English step by step in clear process. i like the way you to make us easy in learning English. OK, Kangguru, still being like that and increasing the quality of contents is the most important thing to you.

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