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My School

By Medan English Society, KGCC #050

Many people said that being a student of SMU would be an unforgettable experience in our life. It happened to me. At that time, it was my fateful days to stand up and be counted. Most of friends also agree that our school was the best ever. Although I realised that it’s not as big as other schools in Medan, but what made it special for me were its teachers, competitions, and friendship.

They were so interesting that I would never forget it, especially my teachers. They taught me a lot of things. Most importantly, the philosophy of life, and how to be self-standing students. Though I was not so smart but I was more articulate than my friends. Therefore I became so famous until they chose me to be the leader of OSIS.

Then I was busy organising many activities at school. I hardly could organise my time between studying and doing extra activities after class. Undoubtedly, there were a lot of murmurs about me that I would disturb my study and disappoint my parents for getting bad marks. They were totally wrong. I made it! I said to myself, and it was nearly impossible without my teachers’ help, especially their supports to all students to be more creative.

They also taught us that the sense of belonging would be our future investment to be successful. In short, friends helping friends succeed has been engraved in our memory. Beside that, lots of competitions held at my school, such as English speech contest, soccer, and clean-up campaign. They were so good that many students got involved, especially in soccer. All students really enjoyed this global game. Though we never won but at least we get many friends from other schools. Wow! "Good friends make good neighbors," like KGRE said.

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