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The Best Thing About My School
When I was in high school, I had to cope with a very difficult problem. It was a time when I didn’t have courage to speak English because I was afraid of making mistakes in vocabulary usage, pronunciation and especially, structure. To make thing worse, I was basically so shy and regarded as a silent person. Consequently, I was not in the mood for English lesson especially when the teacher asked us, her students, for giving opinion or having presentation in front of the class.

Fortunately, my English teacher was very caring and patience. She was willing to give her hand whenever I need some help due to my difficulties with her lesson. She allowed us to play our own cassettes and to listen to English language songs during the lesson. In short, while we were taking notes or doing assignment we were also being entertained. Usually, she divided the lesson into two sessions and arranged it in such ways. In the first session, we studied theories about English language in general.

Then, in the second session, she asked us to be active participants by joining certain games such as scrabble or my favorite one, win lose or draw. It was so much fun! With a lot of practice time, instead of theory itself, I could gradually change my mood in learning English. My English teacher was really able to boost my spirit to learn English well. The way she taught us was very deeply affected. She was truly my savior.

By Retno Wulandari
D/a Bpk. Gandung Rahardjo
Temanggal II Rt 02/1 Purwomartani
Kalasan, Sleman
Yogyakarta – 55571

Note :
Retno has won a trip for two by plane to either Jakarta or Bali.
The prize is for two people and they will stay at hotels and have Rp500.00 spending money as well. Congratulations to Retno.

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