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It is founded on 1st July 1982 and lies 48 km from Bau-Bau, the capital of Buton Regency. Since Bau-Bau becomed as an administrative town, Pasarwajo has officially decided as the new capital of Buton Regency and the development will be commenced on January 2004.

SMU Negeri 1 Pasarwajo is the biggest Senior High School in Buton Regency now that has 1.435 students, 64 teachers-administrative staff, 18 classrooms, 2 IPA laboratories and library.

Like other Senior High School in Indonesia, it has an order programs and activities. The students go to school everyday except holidays with a school uniform. The lesson start at 07.00 o’clock but they must come early to attend the morning presence and listen the important announcement from the teachers or headmaster.

Because of insufficient classrooms, the second and third year class study in the morning and first year class in the afternoon. Every Monday, they attend the raising flag ceremony and each class gets a turn as flag ceremony unit as well as the teacher as the master of ceremony. Each class is guided by a guardian teacher. There is class competition every year and the winner will get a praise and award which is received by class chairmain and their guardian teacher on a certain ceremony.

There is Intra School Organization Board (OSIS). It helps teachers to organize the students’ activities. They are more busy than others to manage students’ program in a year such as; leadership training, religious day celebration, study tour, competition, singing and dancing group, etc.

Moreover, there are three important occasions in school namely, new student registration, class promotion and graduation. On registration, teachers and OSIS are very busy to serve a new comers and hold a strict selection to fulfill the requirements. Eight SLTP graduation around Pasarwajo District apply at SMU and of course not all of them can be accepted.

It is a unique way on class promotion at SMU Negeri 1 Pasarwajo. The students and parents invite the teachers at the beach and want their report book are distributed there. It looks like a party. But it’s surprise as well for whom don’t get class promotion, they are play around happily with others who get a success.

Finally, graduation party is always held at school. The teachers and OSIS build a big tent on schoolyard. It is organized like a party because it is attended by students, parents, guests and local government. It is very crowd because they want to know the announcement directly. The last teachers, students, parents and local government shake hands in turn as a results of mutual cooperation like a harvest party of a farmer and this is a very impression event every year. Then, it is also followed by students’ party in several areas that are held by the graduated students’ group.

MU Negeri 1 Pasarwajo
By Rusdi Nudi, S.Pd
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara No. 115
Pasarwajo, Bau-Bau, Buton
Sulawesi Tenggara – 93754

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