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The Best Thing About My School

I remember when I was sitting at Primary School. My teacher, Mr. Sumani knew that I had a hidden talent, that is writing. One day he offer me to write my experience and sent it to a magazine. Day by day he trained me patiently after school off. And I did it. then he sent my story to a magazine called "Gatotkaca". A couple weeks later he show me that magazine and I know my story in there. I feel very happy. So is my teacher. He proud of me.

Another best thing I ever got is when I was a Second Great of Junior School. One day my English teacher, Mr. Supeno, enter my class with a guitar hanging on his shoulder. He wrote a song from Bee Gees, "I started A Joke", on a blackboard. Then he start to sing. After he finished then he asked us to sing just like him. We sing together. Sometime he turn a Dangdut song in to English and ask us to sing it. he is unique teacher I ever met.

Other best thing were I was Second Grade of High School. I have a favorite teacher. She is Miss Atiek, a Math teacher. Even though I hate Math to death it doesn’t mean I hate her so. On the contrary, I like her. I just love the way she taught us. So patiently. Beside, she’s young, cute and has beautiful smile. When we got bad mark she told us how to solve it. she also offer me to learn more about Math after school off. Math still a nightmare to me. But the kindness of Miss Atiek I’ll never forget.

By Andhika Rahardyanto
Pondok Banyubiru Blok D7
Kec. Banyubiru
Jawa Tengah – 50664

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