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How Kind You Are Sir

Hailul and I, we had a fabulous experience. It happened in the middle of January 2004. Both of us are best friends. One day we tried to send SMS to my friend. His name is John. We wanted to practice our English. We asked him – Was there any time for us to visit him in his house. As we already knew that he had a lot of activities as the team leader of HMHB (Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies) project in Southeast Sulawesi.

After sending SMS, in a couple of minutes we were waiting for his reply. Suddenly there was an answer he said that we could come at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We were happy and prepared ourselves. We just imagined what a nice conversation we will have with him later!

We arrived in his house and he was waiting for us in his guest room. And then he asked us to take a rest in his dining room. Pak John is an easy going person, friendly and low profile. Even though he is a Team Leader of HMHB Project but he never show off to us. After having conversation with him we decided to go home because we will have magrib prayer. Before it we thanked him a lot for his time and his explanation about struggle in life, knowledge, culture etc. Along the way I was thinking that I got one important lesson. That is success begins with a fellow will. It’s a state of mind.

Through this magazine I wanna say thanks a lot for Pak John McComb and John Young my ex-lecturer in Haluoleo University for his gorgeous words ‘Happiness is your goal in life but does not come from the outside but from within yourself’’ Thanks a lot for guiding and giving us direction and advice for our shining future. At last let me say how kind you are sir!!!

Sincerely yours,
Nani Cahyani

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