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My name Vennetia Danes. I was sponsored by ADS and AusAID and attended postgraduate study in the University of Melbourne (PhD program at Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) during 1997-2002. In December 2005 I was able to attend the convocation at Wilson Hall in The Uni Melb. My background is a physician (M.D, general practitioner) and also a lecturer at Faculty of Medicine in the Sam Ratulangi University, Manado-North Sulawesi. I graduated as an M.D from Sam Ratulangi Uni in 1987.

After working for couple years, I went to Canada (Vancouver) to pursue my Master of Science Degree in the School of Kinesiology, at Simon Fraser University and graduated in 1996. For MSc degree I was sponsored by the the government of Canada through CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency). My area of expertise when pursuing MSc and PhD is Molecular and cellular cardiac physiology.

When I was in the UniMelb I was under the supervision of Associate Professor Lea Delbridge and worked with Professor Stephen Harrap, well known scientists in the area of cardiac physiology. Especially for my PhD project related to measurements of the ionic regulation in the ventricular cells of enlarged hearts I was using the technique called voltage or ‘patch’ clamp technique developed by the two nobel laurates Proffessor(s) Bert Sakmann and Erwin Neher.

During his visit to the University of Melbourne (Department of Physiology), in the year of 1999-2002 Professor Sakmann was able to help me in this methodology. It was a great experience in having to work wit this famous scientist.

That's about the academic part, now a bit of my family background. I married to an engineer and a lecturer at faculty of engineering in the Sam Satulangi University. We have two children: a 18 years old son Berniquez (‘Nicky’) who is studying now at Faculty of medicine and a 15 year old daughter, Victoria (‘Vicky’) who is a senior High student at SMA Rex Mundi Manado.

When I was in Melbourne all members of my family were with me. My husband worked when we were there, and my two children attended the schools in Melbourne. Last time prior to departing Melbourne, the were still in the University High School, Parkville, Melbourne. All of us enjoy Australia, especially Melbourne. My children particularly love the academic environment where they studied. Hope this can add story of students who studied in Australia.

Dr. Vennetia Danes MSc,PhD

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