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The name of this plant is wonderful, that is Mahkota Dewa of Gods' crown. But do not assume that the shape of the fruit is red little round like a tomato and the content is white smooth fibrous cream.

Indonesia just has two seasons, rainy season and dry season. Fortunately this plant fruits all year long. The height of this plant is about 1,5 m and can produce tens fruits. And do you know that the fruits usually ripe together. So it looks so beautiful and elegant although the green leaves and the red fruits compete in a plant.

Red is related with blood. Well, actually this fruit is believed can increase the degree of blood in our body. It's useful for low-blood pressure human. We can consume these fruits by drinking it. Of course, we have to make Mahkota Dewa's juice first. Do not forget to add sugar when you make juice because this fruit is bitter in taste.

So, do you want to be healthy? Try it now!

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