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School Days

When I got my third grade of senior high school in my town, Purworejo, I took literacy department. I used to have a lot of great and fun times in each day. I had many friends and great teachers. My class was a happy class. I never found someone crying or getting sad. But everyday always smiled and laughed. I also had many jokes teachers. One thing that made me sad was when I had to say good-bye to my friends. It was hard for me to have done together. I think those enough of me.

My special greetings to my special English teacher and French teacher. Thanks for your advises and kindness, I will always remember you. To my choir teacher, Mr. Mesach (sorry I don't know his exact name), you're a Goodman. I've never found a man like you, ha … ha … I like having joke and that with you. Thanks a lot, joking is never had enough time for us, and for all my classmates. I love you all, thanks for everything, I will miss you guys!!!

Semawung Purworejo RT 01 RW 02
Purworejo, Jawa Tengah

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