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Indonesia has a lot of plants that are used for health and medicine. But sometimes we never think and we never know that they have many advantages for us. Tragically, we sometimes underestimate a small wild grass in our environment. For example, ‘Kumis Kucing’ (Cat's Whiskers).

‘Kumis Kucing’ (Cat's Whiskers) is an herbal plant from tropics Asia. Maybe you think that the name sounds funny, but that's true. It's called ‘Kumis Kucing’ (Cat's Whiskers) because it has long stames and shoot out from different side, just like Cat's Whiskers.

In Indonesia, this flower grows wild along the affluent or gutter, in the shelter place and on the wetland. The unique flowers grow on upright stems and it has white or pale violet color. This flower only grows no more than 2 meters tall.

Behind the beauty of ‘Kumis Kucing’ (Cat's Whiskers), there are a lot of advantages inside. This herb has sweet taste but a little bit bitter. We can use it to cure hypertension, diabetes mellitus, stone in the kidney, bladder ache and it can be used as antiphlogistic (‘anti radang’) or as anti bacteria. It's easy to make the recipe. Just take 30-60 grams dry hearb or 120 grams wet herb, and boil it with a glass of water. After it becomes ½ glass, filter it and drink twice a day regularly. ‘Kumis Kucing’ (Cat's Whiskers) can be drunk like tea.

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