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When the earth rotate, no body knows what will be happen tomorrow, and cannot be predicted in which land that we die and how. I do not know is it proper to tell everybody about my story and experience. Here, I write this as weak girl and Tsunami survival either. Tsunami … is not really a disaster but reminder.

I thank to Allah that given me a chance to live again and it proved that nothing on earth everlasting. Feeling sad is must be occurred to everyone when they know whom they love … the people around them … were lost and died, included me, moreover when I know that my big star, my Mommy is a victim. No body knows how they were that time. Sad, lonely, give up and pain … that's I felt. At that time, I strongly wanted to stop my study and help my family.

In my confusing and disappointing, a miracle came into my life, that Oxfam. It happened suddenly and never crossed in my mind to help my people in another area and leave my survivals family. I began a new sheet of my life. I started my adventure in Oxfam on early February 2005, I know this is the first time for me to work as a social worker, moreover around foreigners, I was never dreamt before. I really enjoy my first job as receptionist in a big NGO like Oxfam. During those days, I met different people from different LNGOS throughout the world. Coordination meeting is what I always wait to include the people I met into my new friends list. After a week, the got me move to a much destructed area in Aceh, Lamno and Calang. I never visit those area, and I do not know how the people there before and after the traumatic they had when tsunami. However, I planted a strong will in my hearth, I can if I try.

I spent a bored days during my jobs as a translator, I found a bored boss either. The pressure days I passed by, again how to adapt with this uncertain condition. As result, I have to change my mind and love my job as my responsibility. Two months is not a short time to know more about characters of people among us. No England, no America, Holland, Russia, Belgium, and Australia are same as us. They have a same humanity sense and different culture instead.

What, I will never bore to remember is about my Mamma Marguerite, a strong and wonderful women from Australia. She inspired me to be a good translator, a spirit she borrowed to me, motives me to be more diligent, active and no more shy to launch even a word.

After two months in Lamno, my boss trusted me to follow him for opening a sub office in another area, Calang. A traumatic welcomed me in Calang, God, its really a terrible area I ever seen and visited after tsunami. An isolated area rounded by seaside and mountain. I supposed no people alive … I am wrong, even a view survivals. The day I was passing is hard and need an extra patient to exist here as the only one permanent staff there at that time. As a leader for Community Development, my new position is not like what I imagined before. Since that, I know that there is a very priceless knowledge I got, a community language. How to face them when they were angry, sad, lonely, feeling discriminate, painful, disappointing, impatient, and many more that ca not be mentioned, just could be feel.

Thanks God, over 20-an villages is not small duty, and Ahamdulillah my struggle is not useless. Spending a month and half in Calang I come back to Lamno, my first never land. Again, my position changed, a secretary and then Admin are a position that I hate very much. Even I know that I can learn much beside my skill in the field. In addition, the latest position I got is as I do now, Accountability Officer. Make the entire programs go well, reach the target and properly as the community intended.

However, in every challenge there must be end. I had to stop, and continue my study instead. I want to paint happiness on my mother face when I succeed to reach my first degree. She is might be passed but her struggle and sacrifice is never end.

With Oxfam, is my way to reach my dream and change my mind to be a positive and optimised person. Moreover, what is humanity? Thank you Oxfam and Mr. Kevin my first spirit after tsunami.

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