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My name is Wulan Fauzanna. My experiences in AIYEP (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program) have given many opportunities for me to get more experiences in life and lead my future career. I joint AIYEP in 2000/1 represented West Sumatra, my Home town. I passed the test held by the National Department of Education West Sumatra. My first step in AIYEP was the training given in Cibubur, Jakarta. I and other 17 youth from other Provinces in Indonesia prepared our cultural performance and also our physical and knowledge about Politic and Culture understanding.

During my stay in Australia, I stayed in Brisbane and Towoomba. Each places for one month .Me and the group visited the Major, Universities and schools. In every place we visited, we did Cultural Performance and Courtesy call. We performed dances and songs from many places in Indonesia. And we had work placement in the field we are interested in. I had work placement in TAFE Mt. Graffat Brisbane, working in Hospitality and Tourism industry and Australian English College Toowoomba. We had great time during our stayed in Australia. Especially, during the home stay in the Australian family. I found that Australian family is so warm and friendly. It gives me many inspirations and lessons about life, family and culture.

My experiences in Australia has inspired me to share with people in Padang, when I got back home, I was invited by the Radio to share my experiences in Australia and I also joint some organizations voluntarily to promote Exchange Program.

My work experiences in Australia also gave me opportunities to find part time job in Padang. I started teaching English in one of the biggest English course in Padang, at the same time; I still continue my study in English Department Andalas University. After I graduated, I also passed the test to be the lecturer in English Department Andalas University. Andalas University opened Australian Studies Center just after I worked there, so I joint and participate in Australian Studies Center activities in Andalas University. Australian Studies Center Andalas University has joint the link of Australian Studies Center in Indonesia. I also join the team teaching Australian studies in my Department besides teaching other subjects . And finally, I am also awarded Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) 2005 for Master Degree. I realize, my participation in AIYEP has given big contribution in my life and lead my future career.

At the time I joint AIYEP 5 years ago, I never think that AIYEP will change my life and give many opportunities in my life and my future career. But now, I realize what I have done and got are parts of my participation in AIYEP which has changed my ways of thinking. Now, I live in Padang and work in Andalas University and preparing my self for my training in IALF Jakarta on August and leave for Australia Next year for my Master degree.
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