:: Letter from Friend 01 ::

Thank GOD for his blessing upon us for we are able to get in touch through this short letter. I would like to say thank you very much for the topic of Kang Guru magazine issued last September 2006-Transportation.

Last Ramadhan at the tenth day, We-I my self, my husband and both children planned to spent our Lebaran Day in husband's hometown in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. We traveled by airplane first from Moses Kilangin Timika Airport to Ngurh Rai Denpasar Airport. It took three hours and fifteen minutes. Second, we took the private car my brother in law's, to Gilimanuk Harbour. Hence of sitting too long in the car, I asked my husband about how long we should be like that situation. He answered that we would get off on a ferry.

It was surprising me for I had never seen what it was truly like. All this time being, I just saw a ferry on pages of magazines and screens of cinemas, but here I was able to see by my own self. That moment was so fantastic!

All of a sudden, I tried the information that Kang Guru magazine stated on the world around us page 10 in September 2006. We were in a long queue then passing the narrow bridge. Wow! The car was the last to move on to Ketapang Harbour.

I read Kang Guru magazine about the information consequently I had known that a ferry from Bali (Gilimanuk) to Java (Ketapang) or in return were crowded and long queue. Thank you Kang Guru magazine if hadn't read you, I ought to have been getting stuck for this atmosphere.

That was the reason I told you how helpful the Kang Guru magazine was.

Yours ever,
Yuliawati Madu

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