:: Use Part B Only ::

By using one partition, your grammar will not contaminated by the structure of language that you are ugly (for example, if the ugly) and communication will become more smoothly because of the reduced red tape in your brain. By using with the structure of language and vocabs that has been learned since junior high school we can actually communicate with the relaxed.

Believe or not? If it does not believe, please make the list first! Group words that you have to know in nouns, verbs, Adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, Prepositions, and articles, and total. Vocabs I am sure you are far above 1000. You know what? With just over 1000 words, we actually can have communication with the smooth, good in school, at home, in the mall, in bars, or even in a dream.

With a note, if you are a blind alley, just revise the sentences with the words of others. Remember, when communication in the English language, just use what you've got and forget the language of Indonesia. You will taste the difference.

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